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How to fill in the questionnaire

Section 1 asks for some brief background on your organisation and its role in training lawyers.

Section 2 covers the induction period*3. During this stage, if it exists, lawyers may be regarded as trainee lawyers and will not have been registered on the main list of qualified practitioners. The induction period* covers:
  • Any post-university professional training necessary before being allowed to pursue a career as a lawyer or
  • Professional training taking place before registration/ appointment as fully qualified lawyer and/or just after.
We are interested to find out more about the training that lawyers undertake at this stage and in particular the formal courses or other training activities they must complete prior to full admission. We also want to know whether EU law training is required and how much is undertaken at this stage.
Section 2 only needs to be completed by training providers who offer training to lawyers prior to admission.

Section 3 covers post-admission or continuous professional development training and we are interested in obtaining a general picture of what is available to lawyers.
Section 3 only needs to be completed by training providers who offer training to lawyers at this stage of their careers.

When answering a question regarding numbers, please differentiate between “0” and “N/A” (not applicable)
"0" indicates that no person has received the training in question/ no training in question has taken place. Please, insert not "0", but "N/A", if a question is not applicable to your legal profession or you do not have any data available.

To answer questions about length of training activities, a common understanding of what is a “training day” is necessary:
A training day includes at least six hours of training (a training activity with less than 6 hours of training or only measured in hours should be considered as one day for each six hours).

Nota Bene
It may be that courses are sometimes attended by mixed audiences, for instance trainee lawyers and lawyers or lawyers and other legal practitioners.

If you are unable to verify that every attendee was a trainee lawyer or a lawyer, provided that the vast majority of attendees were lawyers or trainee lawyers, the total number participating in the course will be an acceptable proxy.




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