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Building trust in EU-wide justice: A new dimension to European Judicial Training - COM(2011) 551 final

by European Commission published on 13 September 2011

2011 Communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the Euroepan Economic and Social Committee and the Commitee of the Regions about European Judicial Training

The European Union is built on the rule of law combining Union law and national legal systems. Both are applied by national judges who work within different legal systems and traditions. The creation of a European judicial culture that fully respects subsidiarity and judicial independence is central to the efficient functioning of a European judicial area. Judicial training is a crucial element of this process as it enhances mutual confidence between Member States, practitioners and citizens.

Reaching this goal requires the commitment and full co-operation of stakeholders at all levels. It is essential that Member States, the judiciary, judicial schools and legal professions boost their judicial training activities. As they are best placed to make sure that Union law is integrated in national training, action at European level will complement national activities.




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