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Interactive magazine: Training Lawyers in EU Law 2013-14

by EIPA published on 28 May 2014
This survey provides the basis for the first Europe-wide state of play on training
of lawyers, more specifically regarding EU law. 

Europe-wide training activities for lawyers: a European project
From February 2013, the CCBE (Councils of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) and EIPA Luxembourg (European Centre for Judges and Lawyers) implemented a European Union pilot project with two main objectives:
•    establishing the state of play of training on European Union law for lawyers from all EU countries and Croatia; and
•    developing exchanges of good practices in that respect.
It is the first time that such a broad ranging survey dedicated to the training of lawyers has been undertaken by the European Commission, following on from resolutions and decisions of the European Parliament, and building on the 2011 Communication on European Judicial Training.




European Union

This Pilot Project is funded
by the European Union

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