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A study on the lawyers’ training in EU Law – involving Bars and Law Societies

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From February 2013, the CCBE (Councils of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) and EIPA Luxembourg (European Centre for Judges and Lawyers) are implementing a European Union pilot project with two main objectives:

  • establishing a state of play of training of lawyers from all 28 Member States on European Union law and
  • developing exchanges of good practices in that respect.

Doing a state of play might sound quite dull, but how to build the future without concrete facts on the current situation?

We can look forward to knowing how training of lawyers is organised in another Member State or finding about the existing training providers. National factsheets will be drafted on the basis of data gathered and available online.

Promoting good practices? This is about empowering national and training providers to learn from each other and thus improve the quality and quantity of training available to lawyers. Let’s stop reinventing the wheel and recycle proven training methods and cross-border exchanges.

It is the first time that such a broad ranging survey dedicated to training of lawyers is put in place by the European Commission, following on resolutions and decisions of the European Parliament and building on the 2011 Communication on European Judicial Training.

Come on and participate! Learn more about the European Context of the study, answer questionnaires online, read about the project, or get the news.




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Ce projet pilote est financé
par l’Union européenne

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